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Zenithstake Terms & Conditions


Here at Zenithstake, we provide digital product creators (Vendors) and affiliates a platform called; Marketplace to showcase their highly valuable digital products to their targeted audiences while affiliates helps to promote/sell those high quality digital products respectively. This agreement states the terms of your participation on Zenithstake Marketplace as a Vendor or an Affiliate or as a Direct user. You agree to be bound by this Agreements and declare that you have read and understood them very well before you click the “Agree” button. This agreement may be improved later on and the improved/adjusted version will be posted on Zenithstake's website. You must consent to the amended version taking effect whenever it is duly posted. We will notify you on our website/email, and newsletters at least thirty (30)days before the modification is put into effect. You may not use the service if you disagree with or are unable to comply with the conditions below, and if you have questions or clearifications, please kindly contact us via our official email: ([email protected])


You are expected to agree to these terms and conditions as a registered buyer on Zenithstake. You can make purchase/purchases on Zenithstake Marketplace as long as you agree to the terms and conditions on our website. To purchase any of our products on our platform, you will need a working; E-mail address Phone number Your purchase is for your personal use as a consumer, you should not resell, remodel, or repackage any purchased digital product on Zenithstake Marketplace. At Zenithstake we offer a Non-refundable policy as every products listed on our platform has gone through a thorough screening process before approval, but on conditions where a particular vendor choose to offer a refundable policy on his/her product, you will find it stated clearly/boldly on the sales page.


You will have 30days after purchase to request a refund if the item you received differs from what you ordered or if the product's content differs from what is stated on the sales page. Customer/customers who habitually ask for refunds on several purchases, especially after the products has gotten positive reviews from many others customers, will be denied the opportunity of making a purchase/purchases on Zenithstake in the future. For any issue you might experience while using our platform, kindly reach out to us via our official email; ([email protected])


Do not disclose your login information to anyone, including relatives or spouse, any issue/difficulties that may ensue as a result of your disclosure of your personal login details are solely your responsibility.


You are expected to agree to these terms and conditions as a registered Affiliate on Zenithstake Marketplace; You must sign-up via the due process of making payment for the registration before you can become an affiliate on Zenithstake Marketplace, You will be required to provide information like your first name, last name, email address, phone number, bank account number in order to set up your personal affiliate profile. (Bank account name must correspond to your profile information), Failure to comply to the above may leads to delay or denial in processing your application or even preventing you from getting paid your commission, In addition to the already stated terms and conditions above, Zenithstake will/shall not be liable for any consequence that may arise as a result of affiliates not following the ideal procedure, and we reserved the right to seek appropriate legal action in the event that a misleading or inaccurate information is/was used by an Affiliate To become an affiliate on Zenithstake, you are expected to be at least eighteen (18)years of age and above and you must agree that the informations you provided are accurate.


You are mandated to agree to the following terms and conditions as a registered vendor on Zenithstake Marketplace. To become a vendor on Zenithstake Marketplace, kindly contact us via our official email: ([email protected])You must sign-up via due process of making payment for the registration before you can become a vendor on Zenithstake marketplace. Your product must be in digital form, e.g; Audio, Video, Typing and must be digitally accessible, You shall publish, share, sell only original contents (materials) created by you, Plr (private label right) content are not allowed, only on conditions where you intend to list them as bonuses which must be clearly stated. Illegal content (materials), ponography, offensive, harmful and misleading contents are not allowed on Zenithstake Marketplace. Zenithstake will review your product(s), material, or content before approval on our marketplace for quality assurance, completeness and truthfulness of what is being advertised on the salespage. You must agree not to list the same digital products that is listed on Zenithstake marketplace for a lower price on any other platform, if such is discovered, your dealings on our platform will be terminated after the first warning, You should notify Zenithstake's Team for a price review if need be at any time. To become a vendor on Zenithstake, you are expected to be at least eighteen (18)years of age and above and you must agree that the informations you provided are accurate.


Zenithstake gives no warranty/guarantee towards the outcome of any products or services you purchase from our Marketplace, either to solve a particular problem or not, Zenithstake explicitly disclaims all liability in connection therewith, Zenithstake disclaims all representations and warranties, whether stated or implied, regarding the accuracy, merchantability, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose of the information. In connection with your use of Zenithstake services, Zenithstake disclaims any and all liability for the actions, inactions, and conduct of any third parties. Using Zenithstake marketplace, you are fully accountable and responsible for all risks, including but not limited to any information obtained thereof.


Every affiliates on Zenithstake Platform is expected to renew their subscription to access the Zenithstake marketplace annually.


On each product, Affiliates Commission could ranges from 25% to 60% depending on each product creator (vendors), As an affiliate, always check out the corresponding percentage on the marketplace for the product you wish to promote.


You are required to provide information relevant to your purchase, such as your credit card number, credit card expiration date, email address, and phone number when making a purchase for a product. To make payments and the fulfilment of purchases easier, we could make use of the service provided by a third parties platform such as (payment gateways). By giving us your information, you grant us permission to share such information with the reputable third parties who are credible and reliable.


The information on your bank account must match the information on your Zenithstake account. Zenithstake payment is automated, thus on Sundays, you will receive your payment in your local bank accounts.


You agree to use our services, as permitted by the terms and conditions stated in this article and to abide by it. You, your product(s) or service(s), sales page(s) must consent not to use the service in any way/ways that contradict the Nigerian laws, (constitution) regulations, guidelines and industry regulatory bodies. Your content and activities on the marketplace is not aimed at attack, disrupt or damage the Zenithstake's reputation in any way. Attempt to withdraw funds that does not belongs to you, divert or transfer another person's fund to your Zenithstake account, trying to obtain unauthorized access to the Zenithstake website, its services, or the accounts or dashboards of any other vendors or affiliates, or any data therein, Sending any form of unsolicitation, such as "junk mail," "chain letters," "spam," or other similar forms of unsolicitation, or arranging for the sending of any such material to pretend to be Zenithstake's team member, one of the employees, another user, or any other person or organization. Engaging in any type of fraud on the Zenithstake platform. Waiver Any waiver of a breach of any provision of this agreement must be made in writing and signed by an authorized representative of the party waiving the provision in question in order for it to be effective. No waiver can be done orally under whatever circumstances. Governmental law Nigerian law shall control the duties, execution, interpretation, and content of these agreements.